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Double Fine Release Trailer For Their Kickstarter Funded Adventure Game... And It Looks Magical

An art style shouldn't be enough to get you excited, but my goodness does this thing look great. It almost looks a little bit like cut up paper (ala South Park) but the way it all moves looks great! Not much idea what the game is about yet, though the game's titles: Broken Age, suggests some kind of time interaction mechanic. In a year where Cloud Atlas has come out, I'm hoping the "Broken Age" concept doesn;t ape that too heavily, this being Double Fine though it's sure to be interesting in its own right, besides, what do you care, you already own it!


17-Minute Battlefield 4 Trailer Released

I can't remember the last time I saw a bad trailer for a Battlefield game, their brand of gameplay with its huge maps and high player counts lends itself very well to impressive, cinematic trailers and this one is no exception! This trailer depicts 17 minutes from the single player portion of the game and features the things we've come to expect from Battlefield, like destructible environments, tactics and massive levels, but also shows off some fairly cool set piece moments, plus what looks like the ability to tag enmies in single player as well as multiplayer. The whole thing is very pretty, so I'd advise turning it up to HD, sitting back, and just enjoying it.


Saints Row 4 Is A Thing That's Happening - Trailer Released

If you were worried at the next Saints Row toning it down, then maybe watch this trailer as the head of the Saints has been elected President of the United States and must fight off an alien invasion. Yeah. This is happening.


Bizarre 'Phantom Pain' Interview With Kojima In Bandages

Sometimes you just can't help but sit back and stare, as your brow furrows in perplexed happiness, safe in the knowledge that your beloved hobby is pretty much the most entertaining thing on the planet. This is one such time. You may recall a trailer from a few months ago the the VGAs for Moby Dick Games' "The Phantom Pain", heavily implied to be a new Metal Gear. Watch as Moby Dick Studios head Joakim (Kojima anagram, anyone?) confirm a new trailer at GDC and indulge in a spot of horrifically entertaining acting. You won't see stuff like this for anything but a video game, so enjoy it!

God damn I love Video games.


New Vaulthunter Coming To Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 (the best game of last year, according to me) isn't exactly short on content. Not only does the game contain dozens of hours of gameplay, 4 playable characters with multiple skill trees, trillions of guns and 3 substantial pieces of DLC already (not to mention the additonal playable character class they've already added) but Gearbox have announced a 6th character class is coming to the game. Announced at SXSW, the class is going to be meleee focused and is apparently an 'escaped experiment'. There's handheld camera footage of the brief trailer they showed, and it's not easy to make out what the new character will look like, but after the kinda underwhelming Mechromancer class they added on, I have high hopes this new class will deliver. Brick was a ton of fun in the original Borderlands, just running around punching things into oblivion, so I'm hoping this class will scratch the same itch! Always excited to have an excuse to play more Borderlands!


EA=M(assive) C(unts) Squared

So EA, not content with being pretty much the most hated game publisher out there, made themselves even more hated yesterday (who'd have thought that were possible) when basically shitting all over one of its customers. The post came to light thanks to Reddit and depicts an EA Customer Service rep chatting with somebody who had bought the new Sim City on Origin. As everybody probably knows at this point, the game at launch was ever-so-slightly fucked, in that the game's servers were unable to even remotely handle the amount of users who were trying to connect to them, prompting upwards of a 30 minute wait to play the game (even if you wanted to play the game single player). One customer was, rightfully so, pissed off about this and requested a refund for the game, to which he was promptly denied and threatened with an account ban. Yep, you read that right, a BAN. This customer bought the game through EA's Origin, its own game selling service on PC. I would expect that they would treat a user who was loyal enough that they were willing to use their shitty Origin system would be treated with a degree of respect, but fuck no. Read the whole conversation below and beware whiplash from violently shaking your head at the sheer baffling stupidity of all of this. EA, really pushing for that EA>Hitler reputation they've become known for.

The mind biggles, why do they keep shooting themselves in the foot!?


Come Hang Out With Deadpool In His Latest Trailer


Poor Sales Mean No Dead Space 4

Dead Space 4, which was in pre-production after Dead Space 3 was finished, has been cancelled by EA after Dead Space 3 suffered poor sales. Visceral Games, the series' developers, have also had to shut down their Montreal studio who was working on prototypes for an eventual Dead Space 4. Apparently Dead Space 3 was almost cancelled half way through its development and had its budget sliced multiple times, with the inclusion of universal ammo for microtransactioning coming late in the game's development. The game was received quite poorly, no thanks to its blatant cash-grab microtransactions, but still had some bright spots. It's a shame, but I'm sure this won't be the last we hear of Dead Space... Unfortunately.

If I was in imminent danger, I don't know that I could conjur up such a professional looking blood-font...


Taiwanese News Want to Catch You Up on the Playstation 4

I don't know what more I can say, other than watch it!


GameBanter's (Ridiculously Late) Top Ten For 2012

I realise I already posted this earlier today, but if I put the link here it's front and centre when people visit the site, instead of down and to the left. So, without further ado, here's the link to:


GameBanter's Top Ten 2012



Spoiler, guys: I REALLY liked Asura's Wrath!

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